Valfondo Gestion rebrands as Valfondo Investment Management

Valfondo Gestion, Montepino's logistics asset manager, has rebranded as Valfondo Investment Management (Valfondo IM).

The rebranding is part of the company’s strategic plan that foresees €2.8 bn in assets under management in the next three years, of which €2.0 bn will come from the expected growth of Montepino's logistics assets.

The launch of new vehicles focused on the robotisation and automation of logistic centres and land development should bring in around €500 mln.

The Spanish company plans to enter new markets such as the UK, France, Poland, Germany, Portugal and the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark), reaching €300 mln in international assets under management.

Valfondo IM recently appointed Ben Alogo as director of international expansion with plans to expand his team in the coming months.

Juan José Vera, CEO of Valfondo IM, said: ‘The 360º vision we have of the real estate and logistics sector, thanks to our multidisciplinary team, allows Valfondo IM's activity to cover the entire asset value cycle: from land sourcing, urban management, development, property management and financial management, with a focus on optimising value for both operators and investors. Thus, Valfondo IM's strategy has a clear commitment to diversify and open up new lines of business, while maintaining our quality standards, which will allow us to become a reference far beyond our borders.’

The asset manager will maintain a strong commitment to sustainability, applying ESG criteria in all its actions and day-to-day business, with teams and clients.

Valfondo IM currently manages 35 logistics assets in Spain worth over €1.11 bn.


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