Quadoro adds sustainability services for real estate

German real estate investor Quadoro has expanded its range of services to include energy and sustainability audits of real estate for third parties.

The emphasis will be on energy conservation measures as well as CO2 reduction strategies, such operational optimization, façade upgrades, or the replacement of building management systems, in order to increase the sustainability of existing assets.

Areas are being enlarged, electric car charging stations are being created, or ventilation systems are being improved in order to promote tenant comfort and mobility.

Quality of use and flexibility are also taken into consideration when designing floor plans for both new construction and restorations.

In particular, Quadoro focuses on future-proofing properties and is well versed on present and future sustainability requirements.

Frank-Peter Wolf, head of technical management at Quadoro, said: ‘We take into account all important sustainability factors of buildings and use synergies with renewable energy plants. The development and implementation of sustainability concepts is our daily business.’

Additionally, Quadoro invests in renewable energy projects and manages over 40 plants with around 80 MW of installed capacity in Germany and other European countries.

The company is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and the UN PRI and regularly participates in local environmental and social projects.


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