Hines integrates ESG and venture investment in new global unit

US-based global real estate investor and developer Hines has set up a new global business unit to address the disruptive changes in the built environment.

With EXP by Hines, the company aims to explore and address the current real estate trends, test out cutting edge solutions in areas such as flexibility and sustainability that provide value for clients and hasten ESG outcomes for a more sustainable, livable world.

EXP by Hines consists of two business groups: Global ESG and the Global Venture Lab.

The EXP leadership team is headed by CEO Doug Holte, a senior partner in Hines’ west region from 1987 to 2009 and who has now returned after a career at the Irvine Company, and his own innovation firm AWI.

CEO Doug Holte said: ‘EXP by Hines is an engine of growth using the most innovative ideas in capital, culture, and environmental stewardship to connect every stakeholder in the built environment and create healthy, activated communities. EXP is looking beyond the boundaries of real estate to solve complex problems while creating long-term value.’

Global head of ESG Peter Epping is in charge of the platform focused on accelerating the reduction of carbon in the built environment and expanding holistic ESG strategies.

Kathryn Scheckel is the director of Hines' new Global Venture Lab, which identifies and develops enterprises, collaborations, and investments. It also combines an early-stage startup incubator with an investment arm.

Current priorities of the Global Venture Lab include the evolving use of physical space, next-generation ESG solutions and revolutionary built-world technologies.


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