Kingstone Real Estate sets up opportunistic investment division

German real estate investment manager Kingstone Real Estate has set up a new opportunistic investment division with a view to expanding internationally.

Kingstone Real Estate Opportunity (KREO) will invest in properties and real estate companies with substantial value-creation potential, mainly in Germany as well as in selected metropolitan areas of Western and Central Europe.

KREO is led by Philipp Schomberg, co-founder and executive partner of Kingstone, with Michael Sacher as managing partner and co-shareholder, working out of the London office.

Philipp Schomberg, said: ‘Rising interest rates and increasing ESG demands are the catalysts for a profound change in the real estate market. The future belongs to active asset management. With this in mind, opportunistic strategies are gaining in significance as a complement to core investments. With Kingstone Real Estate Opportunity, we offer our investors the chance to adapt swiftly to the new challenges and opportunities in the European real estate market. Michael Sacher, the key driving force behind our strategy, is a private equity specialist for opportunistic real estate investments with an exceptional international network and track record.’

Michael Sacher added: ‘The more volatile market environment that is once again looming provides particularly fertile ground for attractive opportunistic investments. With the expertise available in the Kingstone team, we are ideally positioned to seize the upcoming market opportunities, and to create value in direct real estate and corporate real estate investments through active asset management.’

With over 14 years of experience in real estate private equity and the capital markets, Sacher joins from Aermont Capital where he managed German opportunistic real estate investments across a variety of asset classes.

Prior to this, he worked at the investment banking division of UBS.


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