Ex Avignon team spin out to form new RE manager

A trio of real estate professionals from Avignon Capital have formed Coleford Capital to capitalise on three major trends.

Phil Walker, previously head of investment, Bianca Tristao, a former senior investment manager, and Alessandro Iovino, previously senior asset manager, have formed the UK and European focussed firm as a 100% independently owned firm.

The experienced team has already advised on one deal in the UK, which was the acquisition of a regional office building, and has taken over the asset management mandate of two UK supermarkets.

One of the three themes Coleford Capital is targeting can be dubbed “real estate infrastructure” assets. These are properties that can endure through long cycles and are critical to the running and development of economies and consumers alike, such as data centres, supermarkets, life sciences, and waste management centres to name but a few.

The second theme is a shorter-term play to reposition and add value to “mission critical” business space, which can encompass offices and industrial facilities as well as others.

Thirdly, the firm is targeting alternatives that are becoming much more mainstream such as hotels, residential, automotive and roadside assets, among others.

Speaking with PropertyEU, Walker said: ‘The challenges faced following Brexit, covid, and more recently, inflation, the rising cost of debt, and economic uncertainty are providing and have the ability to present excellent buying opportunities.’




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