Antilooppi secures green financing package worth €568m

Antilooppi, a real-estate investment firm in the Helsinki region, has rearranged its overall financing to the tune of €568.4 mln.

The deal includes a three-year financing agreement signed with the banks Nordea, OP, SEB and Danske Bank, worth €528.4 mln, covering the entire Antilooppi real-estate portfolio, apart from its Siltasaari 10 property and a few other smaller assets.

This new arrangement follows Antilooppi’s previous financing agreement, which was largely with the same financing partners and was due to mature this year.

The firm said that the need for sustainable financing solutions has increased due to the shifts both on the financial market and in the ways of working which have affected the real-estate sector and its financing opportunities.

Antilooppi’s chief financial officer Thomas Blumberg said: 'This new financing agreement is an important achievement by all metrics. The arrangement helps us secure our financing and gives a strong basis for our operational activities in the years to come.

'Thanks for this go to our partners Nordea, OP, SEB and Danske Bank, who made this agreement possible in a constructive manner.'

Timo Nyman, director, construction & real estate finance at Nordea, said: 'We are pleased to be able to continue our successful collaboration with Antilooppi. I’d also like to extend my gratitude to all the banks involved in this transaction for their flexibility throughout the process.

'What’s particularly exciting is that the loan in question emphasizes sustainability. This reflects Antilooppi’s outstanding commitment to sustainability and its continuous development.' Nordea acted as the agent bank and coordinator of the financing.

Some of the financing terms will be tied to the carbon-neutrality goals under Antilooppi’s sustainability strategy. Antilooppi is known as a pioneer in real-estate sustainability for whom sustainability is a core value and strategic focal point.

The company’s goal is to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in its real-estate portfolio by 2030. Progress towards that goal is linked to the financing using a dedicated incentive mechanism, which can increase or decrease the loan margin as circumstances require.

NIB supports sustainability project at Siltasaari 10 property
The other new financing agreement concerns a development project at Antilooppi’s Siltasaari 10 property in the Hakaniemi area of Helsinki. The ten-year loan from Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) is worth €40 mln. The loan is being used to finance an extensive renovation project worth €80 mln in total.

NIB’s mission is to finance projects that boost competitiveness and productivity while benefiting the environment in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The renovation of Siltasaari 10 was completed in 2021.

Responsibility and sustainable development were at the heart of the renovation, which is seen in aspects such as energy efficiency, indoor air quality, the materials selected and excellent public transport links. In 2022, the property was awarded the exclusive LEED Platinum environmental certificate with the highest points in Finland in the current version 4 of the certification.

'Siltasaari 10 is our pride and joy and our sustainability flagship. The financing granted for the project will help validate our strong sustainability focus and the high level of our long-term sustainability work. I’m delighted that a partner like NIB is supporting this significant project,' added Blumberg.

Tuomas Sahi, the CEO of Antilooppi, said: 'The new loan arrangements strengthen our financial standing and provide an even stronger basis for our operations and strategy implementation. They also support our sustainability efforts and our green transition goals.

'We’re happy to be able to deepen our collaboration with our existing financiers and to be in long-term finance collaboration with a bank like NIB which invests in sustainable development.'


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