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ING REIM bets on retail and offices in Europe over next 3-5 years
Date: 3 December 2010
Category: Market Watch
ING Real Estate Investment Management expects the continued economic recovery in much of Northern and Western Europe to generate high single-digit returns for real estate investors over the next three to five years, particularly in the retail sector, but increasingly also in office markets.
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PropertyDay 3 December 2010
ING REIM bets on retail and offices in Europe over next 3-5 years
Deka Immobilien buys Spanish shopping centre for EUR 116m
Commerz Real buys logistics properties in Germany, France
AXA REIM and Favermead team up in UK office development
CEO Corio Netherlands steps down
CBRE opens three new offices in France
Colliers International expands into Kazakhstan
Newsec launches brand in Baltics
LC Waikiki enters the Polish retail market
Cushman & Wakefield poaches retail agents from JLL
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